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Hanging tent

Indoor Playground


Every child, and perhaps every adult, has a secret dream ... a special place to curl up and relax in peace. This hanging tent promises just that and more. The Cacoon Bonsai, now called The Bebo , is perfect for toddlers, juniors and adults. If you put it in a bedroom, hang it on a swing frame or take it with you on a day trip, everyone will be in love with this hanging tent!

Can't you just imagine having one of these when you had their age?

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Toddlers, Juniors & Adults

For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • inspired by nature
  • our favorite type of secret hide-away

The idea for the Cacoon was born on a Mexican holiday, and sparked by nature. During a jungle trek, we came across a colony of tiny hanging nests; safe little bolt-holes created by the Weaver bird. We were both immediately struck by their unique beauty; they were so peaceful. After our long, hot day's trekking we were enjoying some great food and a few margaritas when inspiration struck. A long flight home and months of design, iteration and rigorous testing later, our interpretation was complete; the Cacoon. Just like the Weaver bird, you too can hide away, sheltered and cacooned, but still in touch with your surroundings.

Diameter 1,2 m
Loading Capacity Maximum 200 Kg / 440 Lbs
Hanging System Nylon Rope 12 mm (resistance 2200kg)
Ring Anodised aluminum 6030 & 6005
Carabiner Galvanized iron with a loading capacity of 720 kg
UV Performance 3-4
Water Repellent
Anti-mold And Bacteria Treatment
Hanging Space Required - Headroom Minimum height of 2,45 meter - ideal height of 2,7 meter
Hanging Space Required - Floorspace Minimum space of 1,6 diameter - ideal 2,25 diameter