YUPEE, a Montessori styled wooden balance swing from Benlemi

YUPEE, Montessori Balance Swing

Indoor Playground


Children’s balancing swing YUPEE is perfect for both playing and supporting motor activity

Balance is a significant component of child development that should be adopted as soon as possible. Support your child’s learning with a balancing aid which would make the whole process easier. There are many options what the swing YUPEE can be used for – your kid can sit on it, stand on it or even swing while both sitting and standing. YUPEE is also a great house for dolls, pets, a play corner or a side table.

The YUPEE swing is handmade and meets all safety requirements to provide your child with safe conditions for resting or sleeping, and also with a certain level of movement activities which would support healthy development of his or her motor activity. It is 84 cm in length and 45 cm in width so that it perfectly fit into every room.

Our balancing swing YUPEE is available in 11 different colour options, and what is more, we use only 100% ecological, anti-allergy and natural varnishes.

Some parts of the product remain in the processed natural decor. Colors in the picture can differ a bit depending on your screen setup. Decorations are not part of the product.

This price is for mixed colors

9000 points
180 points
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Babies, Children, Teens

For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • unique furniture made of natural material
  • ecological

Warranty: 3 years
The age of the child: 1-3 years, 3-6 years
Material: wood-based boards, beech logs
Propositions: 84 cm width x 41 cm height x 45 cm depth
Load capacity: 50 kg
Weight: 8,6 kg
Varnishing: 100% natural, anti-allergenic and ecological colors
Certificate: in accordance with standards ČSN EN 71-1,2,3,8,9 on safety, colors and mechanical properties, issued by TZÚS Praha, s.p.