Spalliera 60 x 180 cm da Kaos :: Baby Bottega

Wall Bars 60 x 180 cm

Indoor Playground


The world's most stylish wall bars! With this vertical wall-bar set up your kids get a stylish and sturdy wall to climb and play. Suitable for children who manage to climb on their own (about 2 years). The vertical set up withstands load up to 100 kg.

KAOS has a patented mounting system that makes it 100% flexible. Endeløs grows with the family, you can add a variety of accessories as kiddo grows older; canvas shelves for books, storage bags for toys, desktop and organiser. You can also keep adding modules vertically or horizontally to create a functional furniture up to your needs.

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Toddler, Child, Juniors & Adults

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As part of our initiative for safe production to our environment and safe work environment for the employees, KAOS is proud to be operating with the NICE code of conduct. This is an important initiative for anyone operating in the textile and fashion industry as the NICE code of conduct assures that the employees as well as our environment are being treated the best way. All our suppliers have to agree to our NICE code of conduct in order to work with KAOS.

This vertical layout of wall-bars consists of:

3 x Endeløs modules mounted vertically
Necessary brackets + screws
The feet have a soft underside of rubber that will prevent friction and keep the floor from getting marks
KAOS wall-bars vertical set up as shown in the pictures will have dimensions 60x180 cm fully assembled.

The wall-bars can be mounted on all walls, make sure to use the correct plug (plaster anchor, plinth etc.). As the modules are 60 cm wide, it is also easy to mount Endeløs wall-bars directly in the joists.