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Lewis Hare, wall trophy

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This little guy will hop into your room and add warmth and character.  Lewis Har is an adorable wall trophy that any child will adore in their room decor.  Transfer their room into a special corner in the wild natural world.

Wild and Soft cares about the planet and the animal kingdom. Therefore they set up the Wild and Soft foundation. This foundation supports 2 wildlife sanctuaries: The Zonnegloed sanctuary in their home country Belgium and the Cikananga sanctuary in Indonesia. Wild and Soft supports the sanctuaries with a small contribution per item sold to stop the illegal wild animal trade and to preserve animal wildlife.

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Wild & Soft

All Ages

For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • soft and friendly animals, perfect for any room in the house
  • Victoria and her elegant velvet look

Each Animal Head is hand made - so each one is uniquely special
Made from Polyester Plush Material & Polyester Filling
Can be hung on the wall or used for play
An ideal way to complete a themed Nursery design project
Size: 23 x 23 x 50cm