Triple lighting old sky blue-azure-white globes from La Case de Cousin Paul :: Baby Bottega

Triple lighting old sky blue-azure-white globes

Hanging Lamps


This triple hanging lighting fixture, composed of three globes in different colors (old sky blue-azure-white), makes for an interesting look at a classic design.  Suitable for various rooms, ages, and design concepts this hanging illumination will shed a warm and soft glow upon any environment - game rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen or dining room.

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La Case de Cousin Paul

All ages

For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • an infinite amount of color combinations
  • can even be used as table lamps on your night table

Decorative lights from Paris, balls in more than 50 colors, light cables in various sizes and colours. There are endless ways. You are free to choose the size and the colour to create your unique lamp. The balls come in a variety of sizes to create your fancy lights or lamps. Being the creator of your own interior decoration is simple, easy and fun.

White M Ball
Azure S Ball
Sky blue XS Ball

White woven triple hanging (80 cm - 100 cm - 120 cm), adjustable threads
Universal mounting screws provided for all 3 hangings (compatible with E27 socket). bulb not included