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Tree of Life Carré

Baby Gifts 0 - 3 yrs


Round and round about we go with the Tree of Life Carré. This baby blanket from Atelier Choux will lull your child to sleep without having to sing a single note.  The lightweight material will cuddle and coddle your infant during those private moments between napping with Mommy or relaxing in the park.

This carrés can be used as a light blanket, to change a baby’s diaper on the go, to create some shade or privacy (while breastfeeding for example), for swaddling, to wipe a baby’s face, as a tummy time blanket, to protect your shoulder when holding the newest addition to the family, and more.

Comes with gift box. An indispensable essential for all new and seasoned parents.

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Atelier Choux

Baby, Child

For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • create an everyday, elegant essential perfect for gifting
  • processes are environmentally and socially conscious

Our carrés are meant to caress and protect your baby or child, but are also designed as a collectible piece of art, for both of your enjoyment. Our unique organic cotton weave was developed in collaboration with an eco-certified factory in France, in order to create an ultra-soft, breathable and absorbable fabric that also serves as the perfect backdrop to showcase our prints.

Dimensions: 100 cm by 100 cm / 39 inches by 39 inches

Composition: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton

Printed with water based, baby safe inks. These water-based inks are well integrated within our highly absorbent fabric and are ‘lock-in’ during an air-drying process, therefore there is no concern that prints will significantly lighten or disappear over time

Illustrations: By Mattias Adolfsson, in Sweden

Fabrication: Designed and 100% Made in France, from start to finish

Machine wash with similar colors, on a normal or warm/hot cycle. Tumble dry on a low or delicate setting. Ironing is possible (but not at all necessary) at a low temperature.