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Stiven Toddler Dresser

Dressers and Changing Tables


This creative and fun dresser, Stiven, is entirely handmade out of solid spruce wood from certified FSC sustainable forests. Simple and timeless design fits all ages, from toddler to junior and allows for lots of creative accents with its natural wood color. This furniture is handcrafted in a small workshop in Barcelona, using natural finishes and eco-friendly paints.

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At xo-inmyroom we design, simple, natural and timeless furniture to be cherished forever. That grows up with your kids and becomes a part of your home because we truly believe that “buy less, choose well and make it last” is a way of life. Our way of life, because we just can't help falling in love with handmade products, well designed using quality materials and locally produced with respect for the environment.

length: 44 cm
width: 115 cm
height: 120 cm
weight: 35 kg

Natural wood & yellow, orange neon, pink or ultra-white