Squirrel Knob Forest Parade Collection :: Knob, Handles & Hooks from Baby Bottega

Squirrel Knob Forest Parade Colelction

Knobs and Handles


Use them as playful knobs on your drawers or attach them to the wall as a unique hook for coats, bags, and more from Forest Collection by Baby Bottega. Original and exclusive designs from Daisy's imagination and handcrafted by Italian artisans.

Perfect to customize the furniture for a nursery, children's bedroom or any room of the house.

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Baby Bottega Collection

Baby, Toddler, Child, Junior

For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • Daisy's beautiful and original designs
  • handcrafted by italian artisans

Dimensions: 4 x 3 cm
Choose material between nickel and bronze
This items are handmade and require 21 days for elaboration and delivery