Ode To Matisse Fabric



Inspired by a painting on canvas, this colorful and bold design features tropical foliage created in a style reminiscent of Matisse paper cut-outs. The soft shading of the original painting can be seen in this print, which is interpreted in fresh shades of coral, gold, green, and turquoise on white cotton. The dramatic single-width repeat creates a striking and sophisticated effect in a teen's room or a casual interior space, as curtains, coverlets or upholstery.


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All ages

For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • Lulu DK's animal and overscaled motifs
  • sophisticated options suitable from infants to teens

Color: leaf / ocean
Repeat: Straight
Width: 132 cm (52")
Horizontal Repeat: 132 cm (52")
Vertical Repeat: 128 cm (50.5")
Fabric Content: 100% Cotton
Country of Finish: United Kingdom

Prize per meter of fabric