Baby Liquid Soap

Baby Liquid Soap



A HEART, because it is with my heart that I get ready and wash my hands using the "Baby Soap", before taking care of my cub.

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Linea Mamma Baby

Baby, Mom

For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • delicate skincare products for little ones and mom too!
  • the pochette is perfect for traveling and includes all you need for your baby's skincare

Linea MammaBaby is the new brand created by the Olcelli Farmaceutici, born as a new line of cosmetics for both children and adults Our products are formulated with plant extracts from organic farming , are dermatologically tested and free of dyes , parabens and sodium laureth sulfate. The entire production and design cycle is Made in Italy . What distinguishes our products is the high quality of the ingredients , the quality the simple graphical aesthetic , clean and attractive, aimed at an immediate recognition of the product.

Thanks to the cardamom, the oil and other ingredients, the "Baby Soap" takes care of the hygiene of the skin, leaving it clean, hydrated and velvety.
500 ml