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Marathon Swing Hanger for Wood Beam



Marathon® swing hangers with ball bearings for silent and long movements at indoor and outdoor usage. A revolutionary suspension system for a silent and safe swinging experience. With integrated ball-bearing, the suspended carabiner enable a continuous swinging movement for up to 60 minutes and more. Optimized for Classic and Grand swings.

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Toddler - Adults

For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • visual appeal and unique functionalities
  • the best of Finland design for your little ones

From the outset Lillagunga has aspired to reinvent and improve classic activity toys through unmatched visual appeal, unique functionalities and superior quality.

Material: galvanized steel
Dimensions: 75 x 70 x 50 mm
Capacity: Max. capacity 125 kg / hanger
Drill hole: Wood: 8mm , depth 100-105 mm
Concrete: 10mm , depth 70-80 mm
Safety: DIN 71-1 / 2/8 and DIN 1176-1 / 2
Included: 1 x swing hanger, 2 x screws, 2 plugs (wood), 1 compensation angle (angeled beam)