Lucky a Montessori styled house bed from Benlemi Available at Baby Bottega

LUCKY, House Bed (80 x 160 cm)

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When do you, as a parent, sleep the best? It is certainly when you know that your child is safe. Equip your kid's room with a house bed including firm side rails which protect him or her every night. It is produced according to the Montessori philosophy so that every little dreamer felt safely in it and could create his or her own world. The bed is hand-made of 60 mm thick squared timber. Attach the side panel to which side you want or you can remove it at any time.

It is lacquered with ecological colors which protect nature and are suitable for allergic people as well. The whole house bed can bear up to 150 kg, which allows you to read fairytales together.

Colors in the picture can differ a bit depending on your screen setup. Decorations are not part of the product.

This price is for the dimensions (80 x 160 cm)  in white-colored wood.

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Babies, Children, Teens

For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • unique furniture made of natural material
  • ecological

Material: Solid wood
Color: White
Dim: 80 x 160 cm
Bed base: Slatted
Side rails
Weight capacity: 150 kg
Mattress: Recommended more than 18 cm high