Marvin garland lights from La Case de Cousin Paul :: Baby Bottega




Illuminate your indoor or outdoor spaces with these colorful and fun balls in varying shades duck blue, old pink, sky blue, powdered blue, mustard). These glowing orbs will transform any space into something mystical and magical.

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La Case de Cousin Paul

All ages

For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • an infinite amount of color combinations
  • can even be used as table lamps on your night table

Decorative lights from Paris, balls in more than 50 colors, light cables in various sizes and colours. There are endless ways. You are free to choose the size and the colour to create your unique lamp. The balls come in a variety of sizes to create your fancy lights or lamps. Being the creator of your own interior decoration is simple, easy and fun.

20 polyester yarn balls that are 7cm in diameter, equipped with an exclusive clip

Premium transparent cable with 20 LED bulbs and a switch

1.7m between the first and the last LED bulb and 1.5m from the transformer to the first LED bulb, 9 cm between each LED bulb