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Swan Midi Bookbag



Elegance and grace. The Swan Midi bookbag will have her gliding into school without a care in the world.

Every schoolbag comes with a carabiner who can be used to quickly and reversibly connect the Jeune Premier kidsbag! All our schoolbags contain custom ergonomic back straps who can be adjusted by the to a perfect fit!

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Jeune Premiere


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amore + design

  • le fantastiche cartelle elaborate in cotone e rivestite di pelle di alta qualità
  • disegni unici e originali per i più piccoli di casa

Height 30.5 cm

Width 38 cm

Net Weight 1.0400 kg

Age 6 - 10 years

This schoolbag is made of 100% water-repellent Oxford polyester. The handle and front compartment are made of high quality and coated eco leather. This maxi model has 2 very large compartments and a front compartment.