Liso Box Bed

Liso Box Bed

Cribs and Beds


The Liso Box Bed includes modules with drawers under the bed slats which raise the bed several centimeters giving a lot of storage space.

Items included:
Liso Box Bed with frieze (90 x 190 cm)
Bed rail on the front (150 cm)
Module with four drawes 

Drawers sides and fronts: textured M.D.F. board on the external face and veneered with textile melamine (linen) on the internal face.
Doors, panels, bed friezes, complements, shelves, columns and covers: M.D.F. board textured on both faces.
Legs of beds and bunk beds and furniture moldings: high quality solid beech, brought from "PEFC" certified forests, subjected to sustainability rules and criteria.
Bed rails: M.D.F. varnished board.
Non visible frame of Block beds and internal shelves: textile melamine board (Linen)

Wood - Solid Beech 
Metal - Zamack

External face: Textured colours
Internal face: Linen

Maintenance and Cleaning:
Do not use abrasive or dissolvent products for cleaning. Use wood-caring products.

Assembly needed

Delivery in 6 to 8 weeks

Contact us to customize the colors of your furniture or for an estimate to complete for your bedroom.

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Baby, Child, Teenager

For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • wonderful ideas for small spaces
  • colourful and fun shapes to create a whimsical space for our little ones

Our story begins in 1976 when José Antonio García Barajas and his wife Carmen Bravo decided to make their dream come true and created a kids and teenage furniture factory. They wanted it to be totally different, offer high quality materials and long lasting items. Within the years Asoral got to grow bigger and so did the family and within the time many of the family members have had the chance to work hand by hand with the founders of this marvelous idea.

Items included:
Liso Box Bed with frieze (90 x 190 cm) 
Bed rail on the front (150 cm)
Module with four drawes