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Tumeric Sunscreen from Vivaio Days :: Baby Bottega

Tumeric Sunscreen, broad spectrum



Grab your pail and shovel, and don't forget the Tumeric sunscreen. It is time to go to the beach and enjoy the waves, the sun, and the sand.



The Bajau in Borneo – the nomadic, seafaring people of maritime SE Asia who spend most of the day under the sun- discovered the healing magic of Turmeric long before it was popular in the west. In fact, they use “Borak” a dried Turmeric paste combined with other natural ingredients that protect even baby skin against harmful sun rays while keeping skin healthy.

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0% Synthetics, with 20% Non-Nano Zinc Oxide

Turmeric, an antioxidant that protects from long-term damage caused by UV radiation Easily absorbed Easy to apply (soft texture)

Coral Reef safe

3.4 fl.oz./100ml