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Bulblu Nuit Baby Shoes

Bulblu Nuit Toddler Shoes



Ecological shoes for children made from vegetable leather with non-slip soles.

Vegetable Tanned Leather
The tanning of the leather is made with extracts of fruit and leaves, from which the name of vegetable leather. The sole is made from non-dyed leather and is removable for easy cleaning.

Chrome Free
All of our shoes and slippers are certified by the Technical Center of French Leather. The coating made of anti-allergic natural vegetable leather, you can also wear in bare feet!

Organic Cotton
For packaging we use organic cotton, undyed and unbleached. Packaged in a beautiful cloth bag.

Water-based Glue
The assembly of the shoes is made with water-based glue. Furthermore, the use of water-based adhesives offers the workers a simpler work environment.

All models are handcrafted. The production is based in ethical codes according to the International United Nations Charter.

Made in France

*this model has a small fit, we recommended to order the bigger size if you hesitate between sizes

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Easy Peasy

Baby, Toddler

For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • beautiful handmade leather shoes for our little ones
  • made in France with high quality materials

Easy Peasy is a French brand that offers a collection of eco-design shoes: vegetable tanned leather, chrome-free certified, water-based glue, organic cotton packaging ... Easy Peasy was born in 2008 when two young creatives met, Camille Levai and Sébastien Germès, who combined their interest in the environment and their love for shoes.

Ecological shoes for children made from vegetable leather with non-slip soles.

Made in France