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Colouring Garland

Colouring Garland



A 3 meters long garland made of twelve little flags (15 cm each) to be playfully colored to give each party its own theme.
A nice way to wait for it to start !!!

Dimension: 3 mts
Made in France

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For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • after drawing, these masterpieces can be hung or used as wrapping paper
  • a very creative gift with lovely packaging

Behind OMY are two designers, Elvire Laurent and Marie-Cerise Lichtlé, graphic artists and illustrators, both graduated from the Arts-Déco of Paris. After creating their own graphic arts studio in 2005, they combined their enthusiasm and experience to form OMY Design & Play, a line of cheerful and creative products. OMY Design & Play proposes a range of joyful products, graphic and intelligent designs for the house, for all ages.

Dimension: 3 mts
Made in France