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Bach Mural Wallpaper



Children playing their musical instruments while sitting on Bach's musical notes and scales accompanied by little animals marching to the beat of the music. This mural is perfect to decorate your little one's bedroom! Elaborated in high quality materials, can be customized to the measures of the wall.

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Little Hands

Baby, Toddler, Child

For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • for its beautiful original murals
  • made in Portugal and designed by Leonor and Marta

Little Hands is an illustration company run by Marta Belo and Leonor Feijó. Marta graduated in architecture and Leonor graduated in photography combine their knowledge and create unique illustrations for all sorts of material and media. These are the artists who make the marvellous wallpapers for little ones. The wallpaper can be ordered in various sizes . They are like tailors, the wallpaper will fit perfectly on your wall, you just have to give us the measures you need! They can be personalised according to the client needs, choosing a favourite character or theme from the catalogue and then, Feijó and Belo will do the composition, or the client can challenge these two illustrators proposing a scene to have on your wall.

Dimensions approx: 2.25 x 2.25 mt
Price for the size indicated above.
Contact us for more information and pricing on custom sizes.