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Ghirlanda Knights

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A garland for a brave knight celebration featuring pendants in the shape of knights in armour aboard their steeds and also shield pendants with heraldic designs.

Garland size: 244 cm long with 8 pennants.

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Meri Meri

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For us this brand is made
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It began in Los Angeles, 1985 . . . Meredithe (who's childhood nickname was Meri Meri) sitting at her kitchen table; some scissors and pens, a BIG pot of glitter. Our first cards were made that way. How it is now . . . We don't design on kitchen tables anymore. We now work in studios in a 400 year old building, overlooking an ancient churchyard in a little town called Cheltenham, 1 hour west of London, England. But we still have our scissors and our pens and all the glitter . . These days Meredithe heads a studio of twenty designers and artworkers and Meri Meri products are sold all over the world

Garland size: 244 cm long with 8 pennants.