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cosa dice il mio bebè book for mom and dad

Cosa dice il mio Bebè

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Written by an international expert in communication between babies and parents, and the result of years of study and direct observation. "What does my baby say" is a photo guide that aims to unravel the mystery of the smallest interaction with the world since the first hours of life. Page after page, this fascinating volume reveals the startling language in which every newborn communicates with adults through expressions and yawning, postures and smiles; skilfully portrayed by Abelardo Morell, in forty-five extraordinary black and white photographs. Research to date show the meaning of the universe of the baby and new parents: the language of yawning; the wide range of the cry and how to understand its meaning; sleep, with his states and his first "smiles", and what they mean; touch, a highly developed sense in the newborn.
With brilliant style and direct speech, this book gives parents all the information they need by sending them the confidence to respond to notices of their child during the first few days of life and the next months to follow.

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Author: Dr. Kevin Nugent
Pages: 110
Dimension: 23 x 23 cm
Texts in Italian