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mini Josephine

Doll Mini Josephine

Soft Toys and Dolls


Mini Josephine Doll, handmade.
Materials: 100% cotton
Dimension: 30 cm

40 points
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Baby, Toddler, Child

For us this brand is made
amore + design

  • commited to fair trade in Peru
  • each doll comes with his or her name

Blabla was created in 2001 by us, Susan Pritchett and Florence Wetterwald, two good friends with the same philosophy of life and beauty.​ ​While visiting Peru,​ ​we​ ​came across entire villages of ​expert ​knitters​who ​had been keeping the tradition alive for generations.​ ​Inspired by their ​talent and ​touched by their ​gentle ​spirit,​ ​​we decided to start our own company of knitted products for children​.​ ​We have​ ​now​ ​been collaborating with the same artisans for​ ​over a decade.​​

Materials: 100% cotton
​Dimension: 30 cm