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Airbit Transportation Kit from The OffBits :: Online at Baby Bottega

Airbit Transportation Kit



Over 150 pieces! The AirBit Transportation Kit features three model instructions and multiple possibilities.

Spark the creativity in a young mind with these colourful bits and bobs.An ideal opportunity for parents and children to collaborate and create a new tomorrow.

Following the illustrated instructions, you can transform this jumbled collection of colourful nuts, bolts, and unique hardware pieces into the biggest Offbits motor vehicle. Take the excitement to the next level and dismantle your creation, then follow the instructions to build another two more amazing creations. 

OR - forget the instructions and transform the whole thing into a unique creation of your own design!

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Ages 6 & up

Refined Motor Skills

High-Quality steel & PPC Plastic Components

Non-Toxic, Lead-Free Coatings & Paints

Instruction booklet