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Paper Watch LEHGU from Pappwatch :: Baby Bottega

Paper Watch LEHGU



Be the first on the block to sport a thin and simple watch, something totally out of the ordinary!
It looks like lego building blocks - but it suitable for anyone, young, old, female, male ... the ideal companion for any occasion! Handmade in Kreuzberg and manufactured in TYVEK®, a special water-repellent synthetic paper, recyclable up to 5 times, which is laminated to protect the colors. Durable and resistant objects, which combine surprising lightness and care for the environment, are characterized by multicolored graphics: floral prints, shaded patterns, geometric compositions to change the clock every day and escape the monotony.

16 points
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Digital display, indicates the hours and the date

Includes two LR41 button batteries (replaceable)

battery life 2 years


HANDMADE in Berlin